Helena Hulmi
”… puts plenty of effort and spends time with us and for us, and she really keeps the choir together.”
“… demands a lot but also gets me to demand more and more from myself, too.”
“… does not let us take it easy while rehearsing, but why should she?”
“… she is like a second mom for me.”
“… she is a strict lady, who whips us over and motivates us!”

The thoughts of the choir members tell us that a lot is left unseen from the audience that happens between the choir singers and its conductor. Not many can turn nearly a hundred yattering singers into a concentrated group, let alone creating joy and smiling faces among them only by a few meaningful glances and waving of her hand like Helena Hulmi can.
The nickname that was made up in the rehearsals, “Black crow”, tells us of a demanding attitude. By her own devotion Helena gets the choir members to give all they got in order to achieve the best possible result. Despite the discipline she still is the most warm-hearted leader with a good sense of humour. Even though the rehearsals that go on until late evening may sometimes be tiring, Helena cares of every singer individually.
Through the rock-project Helena showed her courage and her ability to renew as she took a giant step away from her comfort zone. Now it was the choir members’ turn to teach something to Hulmi, who mostly likes to listen classical music. Challenging rhythms, complex melodies and the right attitude were shaped as the choir struggled through the project together.
Ever since her childhood, Helena has been surrounded by music and the dear hobby finally took her to study in Sibelius Academy. In Joensuu she has taught music as a teacher in high school and in upper secondary school and since the year 1984 she has been a music education lecturer in the university. Earlier she has conducted, for example, the boychoir in Joensuu and the a cappella group Sonetti. Nowadays she also conducts the Joensuu womens’ choir.
JoY-choir wouldn’t be the same without Helena.