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Do you want us to perform in your occasion? We have performed for example in pre-Christmas, opening and birthday parties. If needed we can customize our program and performing group according to your needs. Choir’s versatile program consists of both Finnish and foreign music for instance folk, popular, rock and spiritual songs.

Examples of performing groups

The whole choir
JoyBoys (choir’s male singers)
Reinforced mixed quartet

Please contact

Artistic Director Mari-Annika Heikkilä
040 750 2287

Board chair Tiia Turunen

Vice-chair Anna-Maria Niloni

Executive Producer Katja Suvanto

Executive producer Katja Suvanto 044 2902905



Quickly risen to be one of the favourite a cappella groups to perform in Joensuu, Kvartsi is a quartet formed by four young guys that offer its audience a thorough repertoire of quartet experience – including the good old drinking songs and love ballads. Kvartsi renews its repertoire all the time and composes its own songs.

”Beats morning coffee”


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