Choir season starts, now nearly 100 singers!

The new choir season started with the annual audition. Our choir now has more than 30 new singers, which means that our choir leader Mari-Annika Heikkilä now leads an amazingly huge choir of about a 100 singers!


Check rock concert’s atmosphere from this panorama!

Our choir in a nutshell

1969: Straighten up your tie and your jacket.
2013: Eye-liner to the boys, shaggy hair, staples ‘n’ leather!
2015: Joululauluja toukokuusta eteenpäin, kuinkas muuten!
A lot has changed, but the atmosphere is the same. Laughter and joyful chit-chatting echoes in the backroom, as dozens of nervous singers are going through the lyrics of the songs one more time before going to the stage!
Itä-Suomen yliopiston kuoro Joy ry, JOY-choir, works separately from the University of Eastern Finland and it is its own, separate organization. Our choir is a mixed choir with roughly 60 singers, that has students from all the faculties of the university, exchange students and former students that have moved on to working life. Among the merry singers one can find smaller groups, for example our very own a cappella male quartet Yömyssy.
Doing things happily together is what JoY-choir is really all about!